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Conference 2016

Conference takes place for five days each year in either April or May and is the parliament of our Union.

2016: 24th - 28th April, BIC, Bournemouth

Two of the five days are spent discussing issues that are appropriate to the whole Union. Then Conference is divided into sectional and industrial groupings for the remaining three days.

The conferences are motion based. The closing date for motions is usually around the beginning of March for Mark Hugall (CWU Newcastle) addresses conferenceGeneral Conference, and April for Industrial Conferences each year. Around 1200 delegates representing the Union's 300 000 members attend. Newcastle Amal have a long and proud history of being passionately involved and participating in CWU Conference and we plan to make 2016 no different. Our delegation has submitted motions and we will of course ensure that we are fully engaged in any motions and debate that could impact on our branch members.

Once again members can follow conferenece 2016 and the work of our branch delegation on our dedicated conference pages and via our social media feeds on Facebook and Twitter.

Annual Conference 2016, report now available for download

2016 Schedule

Live Daily Updates

Monday 25th April

Tuesday 26th April

Wednesday 27th April

Thursday 28th April


  • Sunday 24th April - Rules Revision Conference (am/pm)             
  • Monday 25th April - General Conference (am/pm) 
  • Tuesday 26th April - Telecoms Industry Conference(am/pm) 
  • Postal Industry Conference (am/pm) 
  • Wednesday 27th April - Telecoms Industry Conference (am/pm) 
  • Postal Industry Conference (am/pm) 
  • Thursday 28th April - Telecoms Industry Conference (am) 
  • Postal Industry Conference (till 4pm)


Downloadable conference pads

Postal Conference Agenda Pad 2016

General Conference Agenda Pad 2016

Rules Revison Agenda Pad 2016

T & FS Conference Agenda pad 2016

2016 Conference News

Major Event at CWU Conference – Tuesday 26th April

We are pleased to confirm that the CWU has secured a major event at this year’s Annual Conference. On Tuesday 26th April, 19:30, at the BIC we will be hosting a night of music, comedy and politics as part of the #JC4PM tour. Alongside CWU speakers, we have secured high profile guests including Billy Bragg, Grace Petrie, John McDonnell, Attila the Stockbroker, Shappi Khorosandi, Francesca Martinez and others.

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Conference 2016


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